Frequently asked questions

I have no acting experience, can I still take a class?

Yes. The classes are suitable for actors of all levels. If you are new to acting I would recommend starting by taking private lessons or coaching to get a better understanding of your ability.

How do I know what class to take?

I would suggest scheduling a free 15-minute consultation to get an idea of what class is right for you.

I can't afford a class right now. Do you offer any payment plans?

Yes. You can pay in 4-6 installmetns, depending on the service.

Do you help me get an agent?

Being an actor myself I know that getting an agent in the begining can be tricky, but I will help by providing the knowledge needed to navigate the professional world of acting.

English is not my first language, can I still take a class or coaching?

Absolutely! All services are in English, but many of my students are international. Knowing English is beneficial, but being both imaginative and vulnerable when it comes to acting is far more important.