Join us on Thursday, June 24th from 7pm-9pm, for an in-person acting workshop at Studio 308 (308 S Lansing Ave, Tulsa, OK 74120).

The event will focus on Character Building. How to create a believable background, give a unique performance, and have a memorable experience. Participate in an acting exercise and watch actors perform.


* The workshop is for ages 16 and up.


Picture was taken from a class in Febuary, 2020


On July 6th, a new 6-week "In-Person" Character Development course will occur for the first time in 18 months. A limit of 10 actors can be in the course, and it will be open for audits. 


Each actor will be paired up with multiple partners to rehearse and will be assigned two different characters to channel. Learn how to enjoy the process of creating a character and building the confidence to express it.


Adam Findley is an actor who’s performed lead roles in theatre productions such as Sweat by Lynn Nottage after having trained at The Gothenburg English Studio Theatre in Sweden and The American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Los Angeles. Adam has also found success in film and television, working alongside creatives like Keanu Reeves and David Fincher. For the last six years, Adam has helped coach actors of all levels and ages, both in-person and online. His main goal is to help actors find the confidence they need to use their imagination and vulnerability to get the best out of their performance and experience.


Acting classes will be held at Studio 308. What used to be a greasy machine shop in a struggling area of downtown Tulsa has turned out to be a hip venue for American Theatre Company and other artist groups, and in this case, acting classes. All in the burgeoning East Village of downtown Tulsa.

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