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Fly Loft (Room 2)

3-Day Improv Intensive

Immerse Yourself In An Acting Experience The Improv Intensive is designed to develop one's creativity, mental flexibility, and thinking skills through various exercises. This is a space for you to be imaginative and spontaneous with coach support and zero overthinking.

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3-Day Improv Intensive
3-Day Improv Intensive

Saat ve Yer

13 Oca 2023 18:00 GMT-6 – 15 Oca 2023 18:00 GMT-6

Fly Loft (Room 2), 111 E Reconciliation Way, Tulsa, OK 74103, USA

Etkinlik Hakkında

Improv acting is a tool actors use to enhance the authenticity of their performances. It removes hesitation and reminds us why we act. This 3-Day Improv Intensive will provide you with the right tools, environment, and fellow actors to dive into an immersive improv acting experience.

 DAY 1 

(Friday, Jan. 13, 6pm - 9pm)

You will learn tools to help you break down a scene to fully understand a character. Afterward, you will participate in an improv exercise using what you've learned. You will be assigned a scene, a character, and a scene partner.

DAY 2 

(Saturday, Jan. 14, 3pm - 6pm)

This day will consist of various group improv exercises, rehearsal time with your partner, and improvised scene work as your assigned character.

DAY 3 

(Sunday, Jan. 15, 3pm - 6pm)

On the last day of class, you will completely immerse yourself in the acting experience as your assigned character. You'll warm up by playing out different stages of your character's life with the other actors in class. Lastly, you will be challenged to fully improvise your given scene as well as the moments that your character possibly experiences before and after the scene.

Feel completely free to explore and express yourself!


*If you have questions about this workshop, email


  • 3 saat

    Day 1

    Fly Loft (Room 2)

  • 3 saat

    Day 2

    Fly Loft (Room 2)
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  • 3-Day Improv Intensive

    • $200,00
  • Audit

    Observe (*This ticket does guarantee any 1:1 coaching or participation in group exercises and auditors will not be assigned scene work.)




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