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Adam Findley Studio is an international acting studio providing online acting classes, private coaching, and in-person workshops with an immersive and welcoming approach. We have helped more than 1,000 actors of diverse skill levels unlock their full potential, reach new heights in their careers, and establish meaningful connections with fellow actors across the globe.

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Hey fellow actor– whether you are a new, experienced, professional, or hobbiest performer, I've created a welcoming space for you to explore and express your passion for acting with the support of professional coaching and an international community of actors.


It is my mission to help you expand your skills and uncover new emotional depths to achieve your personal acting goals. I offer you my 20+ years of acting experience and coaching



I’ve been taking classes with Adam for about 3 months - 4 classes thus far. They’ve ranged from a virtual accents/ dialogue class to an in-person character analysis one to an improv weekend intensive course. Adam really challenges us to take risks and to get beyond how we may perceive ourselves so that we can just have fun while delivering unique yet natural performances and auditions. Whether you are want to act professionally or not, I’d encourage anyone to take a class or private lesson with him. You won’t regret it!

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Britton Adams

I've had multiple one on one acting lessons with Adam. He's a great coach who not only catered to my individual acting goals and experiences, but was also patient and punctual with his coaching and correspondence. Highly recommended!

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Bryars Byrd

AF Studio was and is still an amazing experience for me as an actor! Adam believes in each and every one of his students and instills confidence in you and your abilities. If you ever get a chance to work with him, do it! It truly is an unforgettable experience.


Antonio George

Adam pushes you to do and be your absolute best. Do not expect any false praise. He will tell you how it is, because he wants you to improve. I'm so thankful for the blessing to have such a kind, down to earth coach.


Ta'a Leilani

LOVE Adam's classes and highly recommend them! He is such a kind and encouraging professional. He creates a safe place for every student to stretch, play and explore all kinds of different characters- often ones you might not have ever chosen for yourself, but then you find yourself falling in love with being them. He is an amazing coach who will bring out the best in you. Take a chance and take his class! You'll be happy that you did.

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JoAn Stafford

I have grown A LOT as an actor and as a person just in the few classes I’ve taken with Adam. He knows how to help you break down walls that you didn’t even know you had up. You’ll play games, make memories, make new friends, and grow in your art!

CiCi Long.png

CiCi Long

Adam is an amazing instructor who I am continually learning from with each course I take of his. He creates an environment in which you feel safe to be vulnerable and is always honest with his feedback/critique. He challenges you and pushes you to break down your walls/fears in acting. Not only is he an extremely skilled actor himself, but he helps to ignite and inspire the passion and creativity of his students.


Lauren Summers

If you are an actor/actress looking to fine tune your gift and are in need of a passionate coach, Adam is not the coach you want...Adam is the coach you need!! Adam takes the time to understand you not only as an actor but as a person.


Tisha Bradford

Just completed the British Dialect class 🇬🇧 offered by Adam Findley and Rob Hahn (The Hollywood Dialect Coach). As usual, Adam provided a top-notch program that was fun, well-organized, fun, deeply-instructive, fun and highly valuable to an actor seeking to expand his/her talent. And it was fun! We each got to work directly with Rob, whose talents in this field cannot be bested, from Hollywood to the rest of the acting world.

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Jim Carrington




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You will then be able to schedule a Free 1:1 Private Consultation with an experienced acting coach (Adam). It's also a time for us to connect and for me to answer any questions you may have.



After your initial consultation, we'll create a plan of action that addresses your personal objectives and I'll help you decide which services fit your needs best.

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Learn more about the New 12-Week Online Course launching January 2024.

Kickstart the new year with a 3 month program designed to help you get clear on your acting goals and map out a path to achieve them. You will be joined by a group of committed actors who you'll collaborate with in exercises & scene work to express and explore new emotional depths. This course is offered at both 'Beginner' and  'Advanced' levels to help accommodate actors of all experience levels.

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